DARZ breaks down barriers to hybrid cloud adoption with high security and multicloud connectivity.



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German full-service IT provider enables secure multicloud sourcing from major hyperscale public clouds with NetApp Private Storage as a Service.

Companies like Helpium, Germany’s first IT service marketplace, face increasing pressure to adopt cloud services while meeting strict security requirements. With runaway growth, unpredictable workloads, and increasing demands on performance, Helpium began exploring alternatives to its traditional infrastructure.

Helpium was introduced to DARZ, a full-service IT provider based in Germany that had an innovative offering: NetApp® Private Storage (NPS) as a Service. With NPS as a Service, DARZ became one of the first companies in the world to offer a next-generation hybrid cloud solution that enables multicloud sourcing. With NPS as a Service, customers can access dedicated, private NetApp storage housed in a DARZ data center and tap into compute resources of the DARZ private cloud or popular hyperscale clouds, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SoftLayer.

NPS as a Service from DARZ has finally made it possible for Helpium to leverage the elasticity, cost, and performance benefits of public cloud providers without putting its data—or its business—at risk. Helpium can have confidence that its data will not leave Germany and that its services will meet the highest security and compliance regulations.

With NPS as a Service from DARZ, Helpium can combine services from AWS and SoftLayer to optimize cost and performance for individual workloads. Because data lives locally in DARZ’s high-security data center, Helpium can switch workloads between cloud providers in seconds without having to migrate data.

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DARZ GmbH is a German full-service IT provider offering next-generation hybrid cloud solutions that enable multicloud sourcing from major hyperscale public clouds. A winner of the COMPUTERWOCHE Best in Cloud 2015 Infrastructure-as-a-Service award, DARZ offers its customers and partners leading-edge infrastructures, services, and expertise at the highest levels of quality and security. www.da-rz.de/en/


Helpium is an Internet platform for on-demand IT support that brings together PC users with IT specialists. Targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers, and individuals who need competent IT support fast, Helpium offers a new online platform where users can connect with IT experts directly via a remote desktop solution. www.helpium.de

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